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Images contain fictitious names and information. They are being presented for demonstrational purposes only.

screenshot of my ct

My CT – Homepage​

It shows the user’s work-list, any groups the user is associated with and the tasks assigned to the user and or group.
screenshot of patient tab

The Patient Tab​

Includes all patient demographics, patient contact information, diagnosis, risk factors, medications, and coagulation specific information (e.g. anticoagulation provider, target INR range).
screenshot of dosing

Patient Dosing

Dosing regimen is filled out, sets the patient next INR date and adds any special patient instructions. From here the user can either print out the patient dosing schedule, including special patient instructions. Auto distribute functionality is enabled. This allows the user to enter a weekly dosing amount and the application automatically populates the individual days of the week.
screenshot of results tab

The Results Tab​

The Results tab is a patient specific tab, listing all INR values, comments, patient history, progress notes, and special patient instructions.
screenshot of schedule tab

The Schedule Tab​

The Schedule tab shows a daily list of patients due to for an anticoagulation visit, or those pending an INR result. Color coding easily identifies if the patient completed a visit.
screenshot of tools tab

The Tools Tab​

CoagTrak's web-based anticoagulation management solution offers a robust tool to manage all aspects of your practice. Administrators can finely manage the users and groups participating in the dosing, notification, and management of patients on anticoagulation treatment regimen. Our dosing suggestion module allows customizable criteria for managing patients on warfarin therapy.
screenshot of reports tab

Report Center​

Manage your practice with our comprehensive suite of reports. From tracking missed appointments to maintaining your billing, CoagTrak® has the information you need right at your fingertips. Track patient and practice performance with CoagTrak's powerful charting tools.
screenshot of forms

The Forms Tab​

Upload and store your own practice forms.
calendar screenshot

Dosing Calendar​

Help improve patient compliance and reduce patient error with easy to understand, patient-friendly dosing calendar. You can be confident your patients will never have any doubts about how many pills to take.
screenshot of progress note

Progress Note​

CoagTrak's comprehensive progress note is designed to capture all the necessary information needed to make proper clinical decisions, as well as obtain reimbursement. The progress note generated in CoagTrak® can be easily viewed on screen, printed and placed in a patient chart, or electronically transferred to any EMR/EHR.
person checking medical records

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