Turn-Key Letter Fulfillment

How it Works

With one click of a button, your staff can send a patient (e.g. a patient who did not return a phone call regarding an INR result or missed an appointment) a letter stating your message. Letters are either standard first class mail or a U.S. Postal Service certified. Return receipts are scanned into patient records, reducing malpractice risk by ensuring and documenting patient follow-up.

Value to You

CoagTrak provides an easy, low cost way to ensure that patient notification is proper, timely, and well documented. The letter becomes a permanent part of the patient's record. Also, the reduction in malpractice risk is simply priceless.
  • One click and the letter is sent. No printing, no stuffing, no mailing, no chart pulls, no filing.
  • Verifiable confirmation by a third-party that your patient was notified of their treatment or missed appointment.
  • Ensures that your practice is protected by comprehensive treatment process workflow, records keeping and documentation.
  • The letter becomes part of the patient's file.
  • Lower cost than the staff expense of generating letters, stuffing envelopes, pulling charts, and filing documentation.