Integrated Progress Note

What is the Integrated Progress Note?

CoagTrakā€™s integrated progress note ensures you capture the most revenue for your clinic while seamlessly integrating the note into the patient's chart.

After completing the progress note, a charge slip ("Superbill") is generated and is available for print out or may be integrated into your practice management (PM) billing system.

"Since deploying CoagTrak we have better patient follow-up and note taking; better patient care is being delivered."

How it Works

When meeting with a patient, the progress note gives the practitioner an all inclusive form to take patient notes. With a few simple clicks, you can fill out all the necessary information for a point of care visit, including:
  • Vitals
  • Review of and add to medications
  • Clinical review
  • Common patient questions
  • Verify previous anticoagulation dosing
  • Enter the current INR result
  • Enter new dosing instructions
  • Chief complaint
  • History of present illness
  • Review of systems
  • Physical exam
  • Assessment and plan
The integrated progress note recognizes and suggests the billing code associated with the progress note. Then the practitioner simply:
  • Prints out the progress note manually or electronically.
  • Adds it to the patient record or includes it in the practice's EMR.
  • Hands off the charge slip ("Superbill" to the Biller or to the practice's PM for automated charge entry.
  • Prints out the patient dosing schedule to hand to patient.

Value to You

  • Improves patient care. Gives the provider all the questions necessary to give a through exam.
  • Increases efficiency. All information required to perform an encounter is already captured during the patient encounter and creates a charge slip ("Superbill") for the encounter.
  • Increases reimbursements. Potentially higher reimbursement due to better documentation.
  • Improves compliance. Improves Medicare and HIPPA audit compliance Efficiencies of integration.
  • EMR, EHR integration increases staff productivity and satisfaction.
  • Practice Management (PM) integrates billing, and reduces lost charges , denied claims, re-keying and time-to-billing rates.