Cardiology Software

More than cardiology software, CoagTrakĀ® will make a difference for your practice.

With all the software available to cardiologists and cardiology practices, CoagTrak is the one tool no practice managing patients on CoumadinĀ® (warfarin) should be without. As the premier anticoagulation management software, CoagTrak was designed to help clinicians reduce human error, make their practices more efficient and provide protection against malpractice.

Ten years in development, CoagTrak includes everything you'd expect in an anticoagulation management tool while solving the biggest challenge-ease of use-common to similar cardiology software programs. With a clean, visually pleasing user interface CoagTrak is so intuitive, your entire practice can put it to effective use in only minutes.

But CoagTrak is more than just attractive cardiology software design. Features like a unique patient dosing tool that provides auto-distribution of daily doses as well as dosing suggestions based upon a patient's INR result other criteria make it a key factor in delivering superior treatment.

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