Anticoagulant Management Program

Improve your anticoagulant management program today.

Warfarin is generally acknowledged as one of the top two or three most commonly implicated drugs in serious drug-related adverse events because of its narrow therapeutic range and susceptibility to reactions with a host of other agents. Because of this, effective warfarin therapy requires constant monitoring including scheduling and tracking INR test results, making any necessary dose adjustments and ensuring regular communication with patients. A comprehensive anticoagulant management program is key ensuring successful patient outcomes.

So why do so many clinics treating warfarin patients still rely on limited and antiquated anticoagulant management programs? The answer is simple: there was no really good alternative.

But now there is. CoagTrakĀ® is the new generation in Web-based anticoagulant management software.

The result of ten years of work by a team of highly experienced medical professionals, CoagTrak makes is easy to provide superior patient care while improving your practice's profitability and reducing your malpractice risk. And all you need to get started is your computer and an internet connection.

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