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What is CoagTrak?
CoagTrak is a sophisticated yet intuitive, web-based application designed to help you deliver superior care for your patients on a Coumadin (warfarin sodium) treatment regimen by reducing the potential for human error.

CoagTrak is Fast. Web-Based. HIPAA-compliant. Completely Secure. All your practice needs is a web browser and an internet connection.

CoagTrak features:
  • INR Alerts - Color coding and task queues alert providers of patients outside predetermined therapeutic ranges and prompts patient notification.
  • Provider Alerts - Notification of incomplete tasks are sent through the system to the appropriate predefined provider.
  • Workflow Management - A customizable schema allows your practice to maintain its current workflow.
  • Documentation - Every action is electronically dated, time stamped and archived in the application.
  • Patient Dosing - CoagTrak includes a unique patient dosing tool that provides auto-distribution of daily doses as well as dosing suggestions based upon a patient's INR result other criteria.
  • Reporting - A suite of standard and available customized reports provide important information regarding missed patient appointments, overdue provider action items and other key performance indicators.
  • Electronic Patient Charts - Each patient record allows for review and addition of patient results, comments or history items. CoagTrak's unique color coding system overall patient assessment fast and easy.
  • Lab Interfaces - Real-time data links (via HL7 interfaces) connect major laboratories such as LabCorp and Quest to the CoagTrak application making it possible for a patient's test results to post directly to the patients record electronically. This process reduces human error, improves workflow efficiency and speeds up patient notification.
  • Software Interfaces - CoagTrak easily integrates to virtually any PM or EMR, reduces re-keying of patient demographics.